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Save the Dates


So up until Katelyn got engaged I had not even heard about these new little pre-invitations for a wedding. Basically you send them out anywhere from a year to six months in advance of the wedding, if you are having a destination wedding or if your guests will be traveling long distances to come to the wedding (which we are). Since we have and the groom have family from out-of-town, from the East Coast to the West, North to South and many places in between, we chose to give them a try. After finding out they could cost almost as much as formal invitations I was a bit hesitant to get them.  But we found a really cute idea of making them into little photo calendar cards, so friends and family could put them on their refrigerators or something as a good reminder as well as a giving them a great picture of Katelyn and Brett. A friend of mine Brittany Dawson is a Graphic Design Artist, I had seen her work at local business shows on Fort Campbell and she really does a great job so I gave her a call; because I am graphically designing Brittany put together some great cards for me and she created some stickers (that we could not find the right size to print them out on..darn it) that were totally awesome.
So I got to work on getting some envelopes printed up and stamping up some card stock. I bought some picture corner holders placed them in the card to hold the Save the Dates, and pasted a note with wedding information on pretty paper on the top half of the card. It took some time but I think they turned out pretty good. Finally got the bulk of them mailed off yesterday.
We still have so much to do, but it is getting more manageable. Katelyn has made a web page on The Knot which has been helpful in finding ideas and such. I am so glad that part is over…lol Now onto the next…cake and flowers.
Kate's Save the Date


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  1. Brittany says:

    Cute blog!! 🙂 The date is off, but I like the color scheme. 😀
    And awww@the shout out! I’m still so happy you guys liked them so much!

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