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So, no candy canes in school?

285/365 - Candy Cane Love

Image by aechempati via Flickr

Well it is Christmas time and I am typically loving this time of year. For some reason this year though I am having a very hard time getting that happy about it. It is has bugged me how bah hum bug I feel and then it dawned on me last night while “Christmas” shopping what part of it was. It seems like everyone else has lost that Christmas cheer as well or at least the gumption or guts to show it. I noticed in the stores this year they are not very decorated or festive and it has been rare to hear someone say “Merry Christmas.” I started  hearing other things as well about how non Christians feel left out because we Christians have Christmas trees and pass out candy canes, we like Christmas carols and good cheer and they want it stopped! Really? Are people that miserable and insecure in their feelings and beliefs they have to take apart what makes America, America?  It hurts them to be subjected to beautiful lights, decorated tree’s, happy people? Could they not let down their guards and join in the fun, the historical greatness of the holiday here in the U.S.? I am not saying they have to accept the Christ part of it (although I find it hard not to), but the American-ness of it. It is an American culture, it makes Americans happy and nostalgic. It is not pushing Christ on anyone or making it law that all people celebrate Christmas as Christians or not. Why take the joy of what makes your fellow Americans happy, proud, and for a few short weeks believe in miracles again and beauty in the world? I do suppose misery loves company though.

I am a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States of America. When it was written and our For Fathers added the Separation of Church and State, they were bound and determined to not be like England, with the Church being a dominant figure controlling their lives. Their purpose, especially with all the remarks and quotes sharing  their faith in God and God’s hand in the forming of this great nation shows a clear intent that God was not to be forbidden from people expressing or celebrating within State functions in America; but rather a freedom to express those beliefs under all religions, not as it was within Europe as a Catholic or Protestant religious tyrannical rule. The religion of a Queen or King in Europe often dictated what religion their subjects would be and would outlaw the other; and made the Church of such chosen religion to powerful, which led to much corruption.

So I guess my point is, people have twisted the intent of the Separation of Church and state into a mess of legal crud, for attorneys to make money and people so insecure within themselves or whatever a way to complain. I do not appreciate being attacked by people who do not want to believe in Christmas or God, having them try to say things to sway my children’s beliefs in Santa or God, because they choose not to. But you know, this is America and they have that right to not believe, to be upset and express that. It is up to them to be so miserable they have to TRY to make me miserable or believe the way they do, it is up to me to choose to look beyond them and enjoy myself. I am not trying to make them believe in God as they are trying to convince me I am naive, ignorant or stupid for believing in God; this is America founded on Christian ideals that established a strong sense of Christmas in our culture for those who so choose to take part or not. I am happy being me, an American, a Christian and a person who respects those who are either not Americans, not Christians or not one or the other.

Why can’t they be happy being themselves? Go ahead enjoy our culture, our history, it is fun and enjoy yours! I am happy to learn about others beliefs and culture and even give it a try. My son is Korean we include Korean culture in our family for him and us; I would not forbid Korean culture in my home just because I am an American and Christian. I would go to Korea expecting to respect their beliefs, their religion and take part as much as I feel comfortable, but would I protest they change just for me, because it might make me feel uncomfortable? No…I would learn from it, enjoy it and then come home to America where I would hope other Americans and foreigners would have the same courtesy for me.

Bah hum bug on much of our society who have chosen to block out our past, our culture, afraid to hurt a group of people,  while in the process hurting another group. The truth being neither side should be hurt; Christmas does not hurt non believers, our history does not hurt non believers, it has always supported them. Society needs to stand up for American culture and our beliefs(not just Christian, but Jewish, non-Christian etc..), not down play it to play it safe against lawyers or for some odd sense of political correctness. If you go by our constitution, the repression of religion and American culture, as well as the signaled out repression of freedom of speech/expression, that is where the political incorrectness lies.

Merry Christmas and God bless America; Peace on Earth and good will towards all

The meaning behind the words for others who do not follow what I believe:

I will share with you my wish you have a merry time, because you deserve it (and I am more jolly than normal and hope others are happy as well) and that if you celebrate another tradition that it will be  just as merry for you,as mine will be for me ; I am going to say God bless America, because I pray for the best in America, I hope you pray or wish to the belief that is in your hearts as well for America to have good things happen. I hope all nations and people’s have peace, joy and generosity to one another.

This is so not hard to have kind thoughts for all…I hope all can try it out.


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