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Is anyone paying attention?

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Sometimes I watch or read the news and I am dumbfounded by the blinders America has on. I am referring to so many things that if we would just pay attention to our own history and what is happening to other countries over seas, we could stop this mess that is happening.

What mess am I talking about? The political, financial and our national security messes are top on my list, along with the dissolving national pride Americans are going through. If we all stop and think what do we really know about: China, Russia, Mexico, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Georgia, Pakistan, India or any other country in the world?  It seems to me Americans recall little about their own history (or at least an unbiased anti-American version of  it) let alone other countries that directly impact our lives and our futures.

Has anyone been paying attention to what is happening in Greece, Ireland, France  or Europe in general? Does no one notice that nanny state governments are failing over there? Do you know why? Do you think it does not affect you? I think many of us would be surprised at just how much we can learn from those failing states. As America is moving closer to a more government-run country just as Europe is realizing that it just does not work, why are we following in their past footsteps?  Why is our government insisting that Americans are to scared and incapable of taking care of themselves? Why are they insisting on making Americans rely on them? Is there a reason to encourage people to live in poverty?

Financially why is our government pushing the Federal Reserve to print unbacked money that is then given straight back to the government? Why are they working so hard on creating inflation?  Do we really need to borrow money from China to pay for new school lunches? Do we really need to borrow money to pay for people to “go green”, to fund airports that are not going to be used, or to pay for rail systems we really do not need now or ever?  Shouldn’t this stuff at least be put on hold until we get America out of debt and not keep borrowing from a very shrewd country, just to create projects and benefits that are not really needed? Is anyone really paying attention to the Unions in America? Has no one seen the main Unions who pushed for this new health care reform, now getting waivers so they do not have to abide by the rules they fought for? Has anyone noticed the lack of productivity in America?

Security wise has anyone ever thought of the danger we are in if we cannot support our military, create defense systems, have leverage to deal financially with other countries? We are in a lot of danger if we continue down this road of pointless spending and amassing debt…no lie or joke; it is a fact. How can we fight an enemy we refuse to name or acknowledge? How can we fight an enemy our own government will not call an enemy or be honest about what we need to do to be safe? How can we rally as Americans to fight for our country if we do not bother to see the danger/risk right in front of us? Is terrorism a joke to Americans? Or is it just that America tries to down play Radical Islamic Terrorists to the likes of Timothy McVeigh? Do we really think the Timothy McVeighs and abortion clinic bombers are the ones we are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Pakistan etc…? Are they a major organized group sworn with a published Fatwa to be in this war with America? Seriously do we care so little for our military over there fighting real  flesh and blood radical Islamic Terrorists, that we are willing to deny the reality and necessity of truly fighting terrorism? Do Americans pay attention to the real issues at our borders? Has anyone bothered to research the gangs, drug cartels’ and terrorists in South America?

Why as a country are we more willing to argue about Republicans or Democrat, who did what or didn’t, and stand by those parties even if they are wrong. It is as if we are more worried about keeping score or discrediting one another than to really be Americans and demand from both parties they work for us. Has anyone looked up the constitutional “job” of congress? Well it does not include creating a nanny state. It is to balance the budget (which has not been done) and to pass laws to keep America safe. That is it.

I miss America, I miss people who are proud to be Americans. So many people like to demonize America…and why? What has America done so awful to call for condemnation from countries who have abused their own people, physically and financially, from those who have actually colonized, conquered, invaded and took over countries or even worse Americans themselves? I know America has profited from poor countries, but more poor countries have profited from the generosity of the American government and Americans in general. We have not invaded any countries and taken over to make them America or colonies of America. We  have helped rebuild every country we have been at war with, every one and only stayed as support not as a government. Where is America evil, or more corrupt than France, Britain, Russia, China, Columbia etc…? America isn’t; I am proud to be a part of a country that is free, has opportunity and generosity. I hope and pray others take notice of what America truly is, which is not perfect, we are human (as are all people in all countries), but a large cut above the rest, with a good, if sometimes misguided heart. There are good and bad people, governments and ideologies around the world, as Americans we need to realize that each individual makes the difference in how bad or good their country is going to be.
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  1. Grant says:

    Great Post, Cari..You’re getting quite good at this! In my opinion, the reason we appear more evil than the countries you mentioned, is because we are more visible in world affairs than them..The more involved or visible you become, the causes you support, will produce an equal backlog against you, from those who don’t share your views on the cause. Supporting the causes of just one country, Israel…makes you an enemy of the entire Middle East nations.

  2. careknet says:

    Thank you Grant! I am trying…lol
    I agree I think you make a great point about our visibility making the U.S. an easy target. The more we are out there the more people are apt to make themselves feel better by dogging others. Jealousy creates animosity. No matter what we do or support those in the Middle East supporting and participating in terrorism will find a reason to make us their enemy. Pretty sad.

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