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First full day of 2011 over


It is official the first day of the new year has come and gone; and it was nice and peaceful. We really did not do too much, some cleaning here, some watching TV there, played Sorry Slider and even did a little laundry.  Seemed like football was on most of the day and we did watch the Rose Bowl parade (bummed about the Badgers though).  So all in all it was a nice relaxing day, getting us ready for the hectic year ahead of us. I am looking forward to the challenges and changes that are coming up, but I am dreading them as well.

Starting January 3rd, the kids go back to school, Shane goes back to work and Katelyn and I get her wedding squared away. Brett, Katelyn’s fiance should be home some time soon, so we will also be planning a homecoming for him. Soon after that it will be time for company to start coming in for the wedding and shortly there after Shane will be leaving. I am so dreading this upcoming deployment; I sometimes wish Shane still sold cars. We have been pretty lucky that Shane has only been to the Middle East twice, and we knew he would be going again, but it still sucks.  This time is going to be harder for the kids as well, since they are older and now comprehend what they hear on the news; knowing that their dad is going over there makes this war very real to them and me. My little drama queen and smarty pants each received a With You All the Way Dealing with Deployment Kit at school from the Trevor Romain Foundation through the USO, which I think will be great for them and Shane. I will post some pictures of them going through it soon. I cried when they brought them home and I actually saw what everything represented and meant.
There will be even more change this Spring when Katelyn and Brett PCS to Fort Lewis Washington. Brett got orders a couple of months back for their new duty station. I am excited for Katelyn and her new adventures as an Army wife. But boy am I going to miss her.
Sounds like my Artist is going to spend to some time with grandma and grandpa, so it will be me and my youngest two pretty much here in KY. We are hoping to go to WI and spend some time up there this summer; which will hopefully make the year fly by.
So 2010 has come and gone, 2011 has arrived and after March I am going to be pushing for 2012 to hurry up and get here. lol

Even though this year is going to be stressful, at times pretty darn lonely and my anxiety will be high, I have so much to be thankful for and to look forward to. Katelyn is going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy she has found such a great guy; I cannot wait to see them start their new life together. Shane is my hero and I am so proud of him and the many other men and women who stand up and fight for this country; I  know Shane is ready to do this part of his job. I am also excited to finally be on my last year of school; I am so looking forward to getting a job doing what I love to learn to about! I am also honored to be a part of such a strong group of women who will be going through this deployment with me; those that are leaving with Shane as well as those who have husbands who are just returning. So there is much to be excited and thankful for; such is my life,the good and bad as an Army wife, a mom and a student! lol


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