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My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends…


of all those affected in the Arizona shooting yesterday.  As a parent who has lost a child my heart aches for the family of Christina Green; as a human it is disheartening the loss of life and the amount of injured yesterday in AZ.

I was not going to post anything, but as I sat here crying listening to that little girls father talk about his daughter’s life and death to only then to see the blogs and news about blaming anyone other than the awful person who did this tragic crime really made me mad (I am trying very hard not to swear on here).

Now what ticks me off; the disgusting rhetoric of people such as Jane Fonda “blaming” anyone other than the killer Jared Loughner who did this sick act of violence! Shame on her and anyone else to blame a group of people, states, liberals, conservatives, the Tea Party, republicans, the president or Sarah Palin for this disgusting act. The Pima County Arizona Sheriff is just as guilty of this; assumptions and speculations and the blaming of others does an awful disservice to the families involved. The political manipulation done by this Sheriff and others is sick, how can anyone take such a tragedy and try to spin into it their political ideology is beyond me. Please stick to the facts people and do not bring party politics and agenda into a criminal investigation.  SICK!

We need to realize this is an awful violent criminal act against one of America’s political leaders that also involved innocent bystanders and her staff by the captured suspect Jared Loughner who took his own warped ideals and chose to commit murder. This act is on all accounts wrong and as a country we need to pull together for the families and victims, not our flippin political party choices!

My prayer during church today was strength and healing for the families and victims as well as a guiding hand to those who passed away.  Mr. Green said he knows his daughter is in Heaven and I know that does not take the pain away, because to me I think my kids are better off with me, than in Heaven, but for a family who has lost a loved one, especially a child;  it is nice to know she is in a loving place with those who love her and will also always be with them. Also thank God for the heroes and Doctors that did all they could and continue to do save Gabrielle Gifford and the other victims involved in Loughner’s rampage.



  1. Dana says:

    I wondered when you were going to weigh on on this one. For the first time in a long time I am tossing my opinions and irritation around on the Yahoo comments on these insane news stories. I am livid that they are turning this into a circus surrounding Palin instead of the mentally ill man who committed this horrible act.

  2. Brittany says:

    I couldn’t agree more. What happened is deeply tragic and my heart aches for the families of the people who were killed. But the people who are blaming it on anyone other than the killer need to get back in touch with reality.

  3. careknet says:

    Exactly! I just saw a S. Carolina Senator and some other Senator (I would add their political party…but I am trying so hard not to go that route) blaming free speech on political disagreements and people using their voices to protest Congressional bills for this man’s acts! Do they not listen to anything with substance? The jerk has been ranting about Marxism, the Communist Manifesto,
    and Hitler’s Mein Kampf; completely opposite from any Tea Party, the majority of liberal and republican groups I know. I am going to have to turn off the TV.

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