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This is so much fun!

Indian film dances usually follow filmi songs.

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I am not sure how many of you guys have heard of  Bollywood or watched any of the movies that were made through them; but if you like some fun type of hip hop, Hindu dance musicals you will love it.  A couple of years ago the kids and I were watching Dance Off show on MTV or something and they had some really great groups who did a routine to an Indian Hindu beat and dance; it was so cool.The beat, rhythm, costumes etc…are totally vibrant and uplifting.

Well skip some years up until now and I have found Bollyrobics Dance Workout; it is so much fun! Lauren and Gabe like trying it as well. But man do you feel it afterward…lol Surprisingly my arms really felt it, which is great! I was a little disappointed though with my knee that I had surgery on a year ago today. It still catches when I bend and stuff. I am really frustrated because that is what kept me from exercising like I wanted to before the surgery, and it is gonna tick me off if it does again.
So, I guess I am just gonna have to work on strengthening my knee some more and baby it all little while, while I work on the dance Chaiyya Chaiyya . lol
I just had to share, cause it is silly and fun; and hopefully it help  me lose some weight. You should try it!!


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