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Scary issues in Lebanon

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Within the last few hours the international community as well as the people of Lebanon just got some very bad news; which will only escalate violence. The Lebanese government has collapsed and no longer has a truly legitimate government. Hezbollah a few years ago actually infiltrated the Lebanese government in an effort to make their terrorist organization a “legitimate” entity within the realm of international dealings. Now Hezbollah has walked out of the government; I wonder what their motive is and what they are leading up to.

There is a very nasty history of violence between, Iran, Syria, Israel and other nearby countries, involving Christians and Muslims. Think back to The  Beirut  Baracks Bombing and murder of 241 American Marines in 1983; that was a major show of the discourse in that country, since then Syria has been basically running that country, under the guise of trying to keep peace in the area,  just as Iran was working through Hezbollah in Lebanon as well.  Needless to say the history involved is extensive so I will not put it all in the blog; but this is not good news, hopefully a miracle will happen.
Here is an analysis of it:
Analyst Kamran Bokhari


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