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If you do, why do you hate her?

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I have followed Sarah Palin since the first night she came on stage with John McCain. From that moment on people have said that they hate her, can’t stand her, think she is stupid or go so far as to blame all the ills of the world on her.  I really have not gotten a reason though when I ask them why they feel this way.  One person said because her voice annoyed her. Really? You hate some one over the sounding of their voice. I dunno. So I am putting this question out there to get a substantive, pointed, proven and justifiable reasons for hating Sarah Palin; who is more than likely a stranger to you. I think maybe I will blog about this some more if anyone shares their reasons for hate or even disdain for her here.

So keeping this civil, why do you hate Sarah Palin?

Do know that this will be an open discussion, and documented facts will be needed as well as open minds. lol Please no real bad language; my kids can read this blog and I will say upfront I do not hate Governor Palin; but I want to know, so I can make sense of the drama people want to put on her and her family. I will add more later…gotta get the kids to school.

The article in the Washington Post I have added really is indicative of the hypocritical condescending information many people end up reading about Palin. I wonder if this is why people hate her? I mean if you hate her or dislike her  is this what you focus on? Or do you take these words that are written and find the information to break down what the author has said? After that do you still hate her:  and why? Is it a total party thing..she is Republican you are not? She does not believe in abortion and you do, or that she is Christian?

I just really do not get the “hate”, “can’t stand” and she is stupid comments; I am really curious about the “why” to it all.  Show me…



  1. I don’t hate her. I’m kinda impartial to her, really. I don’t get all the people who, like, want to send her hate mail and stuff.

  2. Young says:

    I don’t hate her, neve did. I thought she would have made an amazing vice President. Just look what she did with Alaska. I think people were afraid of her because she’s a female running for VP. I say the U.S. Citizens should allow a woman into office. Look where all the Presidents had gotten us so far, she couldn’t do any worse.

  3. careknet says:

    I am surprised no one who dislikes her made a comment. Usually if Palin’s name is brought up you get passionate responses from both sides. That is interesting. Thanks ladies!!

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