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An ending, a beginning and a couple days to soak it all in…


The Wedding Party

So, the wedding is over and Katelyn and Brett are officially Mr. and Mrs. Brett Russell. It is also official my oldest daughter is an adult and is ready to start a new chapter in her life; and I in mine. It is a bit harder than I thought…lol

     The wedding turned out beautiful (to me) and I am so glad that Katelyn and Brett enjoyed themselves. I hope they have fond memories of that day and treasure them. My Artist and My Drama Queen as well as Hannah had a great time and were all so beautiful. It was wonderful seeing my friends and family, I was so grateful for their choices to celebrate that special day with us(from near and far). It was very nice meeting Brett’s family as well; it was great how many came out to celebrate with him and meet Katelyn.

For me this time has been bitter-sweet and I am still trying to regroup from the hoopla and typhoons that have come with wedding stresses and deployment stresses. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, when things have started to settle into a routine my mind will clear and I will be able to look back on all of this differently.

My Artist and Grandma Pam

It was so awesome being able to visit with Shane‘s mom Pam, whom we had not seen in long time. As a family we need to not let that happen again and make more efforts to keep in touch and visit more often. Smarty Pants had not met Grandma Pam yet and Drama Queen was pretty young the last time we had seen her in person and they have both decided she is a pretty awesome grandma and cannot wait to see her again. I think they mentioned she needs to get a web cam so they can see her and talk to her (grandma Sue needs one as well).  As a daughter in-law I was happy to connect with Pam again; I was sad to see her go and Shane and I  are already talking about when our next visit will be. Also I was so happy for Shane to be able to spend time with his mom. He tries to act tough, but I know how much he loves his mom, so this really meant a lot to him. We have missed you Pam and we love you. See you soon.

My brother, his wife and my awesome little nephews made the trip down here from WI and that so made my day. I have not really been able to visit with my brother the past couple of years and it was so great to see him smiling, making light-hearted jokes and well just being the brother I have missed. He was so nice this visit and it just made my heart swell to watch him play with his boys and my kids, laugh with his wife, humor our parents and actually talk to me. It really meant more to me than he will ever know. I love you Danny and your sweet family.

MY parents came down from WI as well and it was so cool my dad was able to come! Typically only one can come down at a time, due to the horses and dogs etc…that need to be taken care of everyday. But this trip to watch my little girl get married they both made the effort to come down here to watch their oldest granddaughter marry a guy she is in love with; as well as to be there for their daughter going through the same happy/sad/scare feelings of having your child get married experience they had, when I got married.

Then there were local and long distance friends that so know just what you need, even when you do not have a clue.These ladies bring moments of clarity and calmness, not to mention the lifting of some of the stress off of my shoulders. The wedding did not go the exact way I wanted it, but it went ‘

So the Mattson’s and the Russel’s are about to go on a couple of adventures and I am pretty sure it will be interesting.  Now though I keep dozing off, so I will say adious for tonight, before my face falls onto the key pad

I just hope that those who attended had a agreat time; I am sorry for those I did not get to speak to and those I barely got to meet; it was not intentional. Hopefully we can visit with Brett’s family a little more before they leave. I also hope the girls, Smarty Pants and I will make it through the next few days, so we can get out and about keeping busy and learning new things; to help keep our days busy, so they can fly by.

Night all!

So more tomorrow.

Congratulations Katelyn and Brett we love you.



  1. Brittany says:

    The wedding went beautifully, and everything was absolutely amazing. We had an awesome time, and I hope you can chill and enjoy your company now. 😀

  2. Dana says:

    We ♥ your crazy family. you are family to us. It was fun to meet more of your “real” family lol..they are great people. The wedding turned out the way to was supposed to. Beautiful. No stressing it!

    You know I’m here when you need me. I know this next week or so is going to be rough on you. Please don’t pull a Cari and hide in your hole for too long. Pick up the phone and yell or cry or whatever it is you need. If you need company and wine…I can be there in 6 hours but if I’m driving the wine better be chilled when I get there.

    Love ya Cari.

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