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United Through Reading Military Program; rocks!


Deployments are never really easy and there are some parts that will just break your heart and make it swell with love at the same time. This program, “United Through Reading Military Program,” helped create a moment such as that in our house today.

My kids were so excited today when they got a package addressed to them in the mail from daddy, it was like Christmas in Once the package was opened they found a book, How to Bake an American Pie
by Karma Wilson; inside with some notes from their dad. This note told them that the little DVD that was inside was actually a video of him reading this book to them. They could not wait until it was time to get ready for bed tonight so daddy could read them a story; the couldn’t wait so much they got ready for bed afterward s. lol Watching their excitement when Shane came on the screen, tell them what they he was doing and saying hi to each one of us was awesome. They so loved hearing him read the story and following along with him with the book they had received in the mail. My little Drama Queen really surprised me when she asked while flipping a page during the story, “mom is this the actual book daddy is holding?” It was so touching that she felt so much more of a connection with him through that exact book, because it was the same one he was holding and reading to them from in the video. Smarty Pants thought is was so great to see him and oh my gosh he was so anxious to get that DVD in the computer; it was too cute. They were so happy and so ready to have dad be a part

of their day again; but it was a bitter-sweet experience, especially for my Drama Queen. She made me cry, more than I had intended to at seeing him and hearing him. After the story was over he talked to us and told us how much he missed & loved them and all of us. He went on to say sweet comments to each of us and wow, it was so great. Smarty Pants got even more happy and relished being called ‘turd” a goofy nick name Shane calls him and talked back to him. But afterward s my Drama Queen just starting crying, she said she just misses him so much and she is so mad at those bad guys over there. We decided we need to pray for them, so they can see how they need to stop trying to hurt people, so her daddy.

can come home; it so breaks my heart. Smarty Pants sat there and rubbed her arm, he just does not get it all yet. As parents we wish we could protect our kids from experiencing pain and sadness, but with parents being deployed it is impossible no matter how hard we try. All we can do is try to lessen the pain, by being there for them, listen to them, and keep them as connected as possible to the deployed parent. I know if Shane could he would take all the pain away, just as I would.  I think these types of things from the USO are really going to help heal some of that hurt, even if it brings it to the surface for a little while.

As sad as my Drama Queen was at that point, we all had a nice talk, hugged a lot and they had ice cream (which can make anything a little better anyway). :o)  By the time we were done, they were happy again and smiling waiting for daddy to get on SKYPE so we could all talk. I really cannot express enough how awesome technology is; I could not imagine being a spouse during any other war in history. For my sanity and the emotions of my children I am so thankful for God-given talents within the field of technology. lol I am also very thankful to all those who do what they can to help out the kids of military families.

As I was saying though; by the end of the night the kids were doing good and had crawled into bed with their Daddy Dolls, said their prayers and fell asleep (well Smarty pants…my Drama Queen is still trying to stay up and wait for daddy to get on and SKYPE with us). God bless our soldiers, God bless America and God bless my babies.



  1. Angel says:

    How awesome! I haven’t heard abut any of these programs! I love the thought of the book reading and those “Daddy Dolls” are just to cute!!

    Thanks for sharing Cari and I have teared up reading your blog! Love it!

  2. careknet says:

    Thank you Angel, I am sorry you cried though. I did
    It is so nice all the things they have for the kids now; I remember the first times when they went over there was not much of anything. Military has come a long way.
    I hope you and your girls are doing well!! I know you are dealing with your deployment too. ((hugs))

  3. Awww…. this made me cry, too. That is so cool that Shane did that for the kids! I hope Josh sends something to the girls soon, too…

    Those Daddy dolls have been a savior in our house since Josh left. Caitlyn didn’t even want hers til after she saw Emily’s with Josh’s picture in it. Now she’s in love. 🙂

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