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Business is Booming! (update on 3-10-11 bottom of blog)

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Why are you on-line? Is this a place for anonymity or self exposure? Are you here to learn or to teach, make money or spend it? For whatever reason how would you feel if all those moves were regulated?  I personally would not appreciate that. I enjoy my freedom here; I enjoy being able to blog the way I choose, watch Netflix, shop, read other blogs and communicate with my husband. I could go on and on-in no way does my life need to be regulated on here as to whom I have to pay, or what site I can visit etc..any more than it already is; we do have laws that deal with cyber issues, such as cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism. I just took a class on Network Security  ( this is the text,Cybercrime, Second Edition: Investigating High-Technology Computer Crime);
loved it and aced it (not that I am a pro, far from it was cool knowing what they were talking about)!

Ah, the beauty of the internet; I love it! There are so many companies, opportunities and freedoms in cyberspace it is amazing. We have the right to start a blog or a business at any point and not have to invest gobs of money into starting it up or ask permission to start one; as you would in a physical space!  We have the right to search as far and wide as we choose to within cyber-space; which seems like and is an infinite space to learn, grow, observe, share and create!

But getting to the title of my blog…Business is booming! If I did not elaborate you guys might think I was in la la land or at least living in Luxembourg. lol We all know America is certainly on hard times right now and the government has put and well had it hands in many American companies and done a poor job of getting anything other than our deficit to boom. But there is one place where the government has not been able to muddle in and that is right here in cyber-space and that is where business is still booming and has the opportunity to help others get their businesses going, not just nationally but globally!

FCC regulating the internet is a far-reaching and pretty self-righteous move by the FCC; since congress has already voted NO on regulating the internet(which is another story). The FCC went ahead and went above the congress and chose to on its own regulate the internet: this was done/passed under the pretense of  “speculations of harm” not real occurrences or crisis; which is a no no.So what is the FCC really? I am sure many people have heard about it and know it has to deal with broadcasting regulations. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) was created in 1934 to regulate all non government radio and telecommunications in the U.S. The head of this commission is chosen by the president, so it is a  pretty politically motivated entity and position. Over time regulations have been added or let go due to time changing and less of a need for FCC regulation and/or new issues to be regulated due to societal issues and wants ( i.e.  PG-13 shows, adult timing for when a show can air etc…).

So the FCC gets into cyber-space, what does that mean for you and I? This gets back to my title again these regulations will cost jobs and create another area of less of innovation on and of the internet; as well as giving large established companies a firm stance to stifle new and upcoming competition and opportunity for business start-up and/or growth. Today the Energy and Commerce Commission is having a hearing on H.J. Resolution 37 to nullify the FCC internet neutrality-regulations; this is a very important resolution that needs to go through. But the point is also the FCC went over congress’ vote to implement law itself. This is not democracy or the way America is to  make law. We have a system of checks and balances in America; 1.) Congress, 2.) the President and 3.) Supreme Court Justices, who are to contribute along with the people of America in creating laws for us.

I hope you all take a minute to read up on this and contact your congressman to hopefully vote in favor of H.J. Resolution 37. This is not an issue to be taken lightly; especially in this day and age. Post offices, television, our phones, banks, automobile industry, air lines, and home loans etc…have been meddled or run by the government; with not so great results within all of them. I think we should not let them try to fix something that is not broke;  the internet is booming and thriving very well on its own.

UPDATE ON 3-10-2011



  1. I’m totally with you. I don’t think the FCC has any right to try to take control of the Internet. If our government allows this, soon we will be living in a communist society.

  2. sue says:

    I watched the c-span and I do agree with you, they havent the right to do this.We have way to much Gov control already

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