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Crash and Burned

Flowers and Leaves of Impatiens pseudoviola Gilg.

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So, I have not been really contributing to anything the past couple of weeks; some where I lost all motivation and energy. I have literally been exhausted and having to take cat naps during the day. This past month that Shane has been gone, our routine has worked around Shane’s work schedule; in which the only times we were really able to talk were around 3 in the afternoon and after springing forward after 3 in the morning…so needless to say talking till 3 or 4 in the morning and getting up at 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. caught up to Thankfully his shift has changed and now I can sleep at night again. 🙂 I am ready for a nap now…lol

I did get a burst of energy the other night and got out my steam cleaner…that was really fun. I did all my cabinets and base boards in my kitchen…they are so pretty and clean now. I need to do the rest of the house though; need another burst of energy.

One thing the kids and I have been up to is starting a little vegie and herb planter garden; the kids love to watch vegies, flowers and what not grow. I had to bring in the plants last night because it got a little to cold for seedlings, so I am glad we waited to do the rest of them. Right now we have 4 tulips that are not just bulbs anymore, the rest are all still seeds newly planted; a salsa pepper mix, cantaloupe, lavender, cilantro, spearmint, lettuce and some green onions. We had some chives left over from last year that I replanted as well as an impatiens plant. We are planning on more herbs, carrots, squash, tomatoes, peppers, beans and a few others(we are thinking about getting some berries).

I had this cute idea to make little plaques with what was planted in each container (cause last year I forgot). They turned out really cute, but I am going to make more soon, because I want to laminate them. I was anxious to try see what they would look like, so I went ahead and made some anyway. This is what I did:

1.) I bought some metal sign things for plants at Target (in the dollar section)

2.) I then got some small round magnets that you can attach to whatever

3.) I then used my Cricut Expression Machine
to cut out some signs and stamped the names on them

This is how they turned out…

Our plants 2011

Close up

I am happy with how they turned I was able to use scrap paper to make them as well, which was nice. I am learning with all the errors I make paper is not cheap.


Need to plant yet

I cannot wait until I can make some home-made salsa.

I know you guys probably found this to be super boring, lol but I just wanted to stop in and let ya know what we have been up to. I am also trying to warm up so I can do a couple of blogs on some real fun stuff; like drilling oil, indoctrination and denial. lol I have taken notes all week on stuff and I have been fuming a little; ok a lot.  I am hoping I can keep my blogs short and sweet, but knowing me I doubt it.

Before I do though, I think I need to do this…lol

I so need one of



  1. sue says:

    so cute, glad you are keeping busy, Salsa sounds really good!!!!

  2. I hear you on having no energy… I stay exhausted most days now. 😦
    Cute idea for the tags!! I have a black thumb or else I might try an herb garden…

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