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What in the World?

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Oh my gosh, you look around the world lately and it truly seems as if it has gone crazy. But in actuality I do not think it is as crazy as it seems; but rather a systematic failure that is being manipulated by many fractions. As an American there is so much going on that is truly troubling to me and I really do no understand why more people are not as ticked, offended, worried or wanting answers. I have to blog about this; if people read then great, if not that is fine too I just really need to get it all off my chest in a sense. For the past couple of weeks I have been reading and researching the issues that are confronting us today: 1.) The Middle East, 2.) America’s Debt, 3.) Natural resources, 4.) Hypocrisy 5.) American Liberties,6.) Globalism and 7.) National Security. Many of these I have studied in school, and I am still studying and learning, because I am a concerned American citizen and the wife of a soldier who is in the midst of these issues; which is probably why I am writing this blog.

My questions to American’s are; “what do you want America to be?”, “why are we all so ready to settle for the status quo, and be so easily pitted against one another?” “do you believe in the Constitution?” “do you want America to be free and proud?”  I am so confused as to what so many of us here in the United States are requesting from our government, are we really so easily duped by rhetoric?

For my much of my adult hood and my teen years I have seen movies, read books, listened to Americans, all complain about the duplicity of their government, wall street, unions, and the pentagon. We all know they have all done bad things, lied to us, manipulated the system to suit their needs and reach their agendas and yet we buy it; we just let it go, like ah well they all do it (I do not believe they all do it, but the ones that do not, do not get much support from us). So what I do not get is why are we so easily led by them to do as they say, under the guise of a public service or handout. I know I have been guilty of this; for most of my adult life probably. I would like to think I was/am more intelligent than that. How can we not see that Wall Street and/or Big Business go hand in hand with whomever is in power? Do we really believe that when our government allows tax laws to stay in affect for companies filled with loop holes and waivers (such as GE who paid zero taxes this year; legally due to these laws oh and the head of GE also is the new Job Czar, even though he has created no jobs,except overseas and laying thousands off here in the U.S.) but yet the government tells us they are the bad guys and we need to tax them more (when they know that is bull). For people who hang out with the head of Unions and major corporations, how can we truly believe they mean what they say, when the opposite is true? I am not just saying Democrats, not at all, I am saying all parties. What gets me is so many in our government spout this need for taxing the rich and act indigent when others say that is not the answer; when their actions scream inaction.They are so good at pitting American’s, the rich (not elite), middle class and poor against each other and at the same time keeping the politicians and elites smiling. Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Lobbyists, lobby congress with money to promote their products or ideals; congress supports those who give to them and promote or write laws to encourage the purchase or support of such products; green products, light bulbs, ethanol, wind turbine’s, security scanners…for a few examples. I will add a few fixer uppers on here soon.


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