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The Military as Pawns

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The fact that we are at a point of having a partial government shutdown is absurd and disgusting. We all know here I am conservative in my views and opinions, but I am honest in laying blame where blame is due. For a few days now I have blamed both parties for this madness, but the more I research the more I look at the tactics and political pandering of the Democratic Senate and the president. My reasoning is simple; facts.

1.) By law this appropriations bill should have been done the end of September; which should not have been a problem since both the house and the senate were run by one party. They could have passed whatever they wanted; BUT due to upcoming November elections they did not want to state to the people their agenda (more political pandering rather than doing their job) and they were hoping to win things back in 2012, thinking by having a government shut down they would get the political boost Clinton did in the nineties.

2.) Republicans have put in a bill H.R. 1297 that would always guarantee military funding during a shut down (that someone has conveniently stalled in a committee) as well as introducing short-term funding for the military to prevent any military non-pays (which Reed said he would not pass and the President would veto if it made it through Senate). The threats and accusations are awful. I have heard republicans that get off point as well, which bugs me just as much. I do not care to hear how bad they think the democrats are; I want to know why and how they are being bad and what they the republicans plan to do about it. I want them to focus on the reasoning they are standing their ground and not letting the white house bully them.

3.) In November this new congress was voted in on the need, ideology and issuance of cutting government size, funding, debt and wasteful spending. If these new congressmen and women do not start doing what they were voted in to do, they lose the support of the people and their foot in the door of ever getting any thing really done they were meant to; due to no leverage within the white house.

4.) Senator Chuck Schumer and Howard Dean have each been caught stating the goal of the dem’s politicizing a government shut down. They also encourage their talking point to include how “extreme” the Tea Party views and agenda’s are; yes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and less wasteful spending is so extreme. Please…how about grandiose plans to increase spending, by trillions, create stifling laws and growing the government by leaps as bounds, maybe being a little extreme…

5.) What have the democrats done to meet half way? Hmmm…Joe Biden introduced a plan to agree to a $33 billion dollar cut compared to the $61 billion cut already passed through the house against a $14.3 trillion dollar debt. Seriously…$33 B out of over $14 trillion. How will we ever get the debt down if they are not even willing to cut more than $33 billion now?  Again,I mention..this should have been done in Sept…if not after Nov 12th. Beyond that “compromise” they have not offered any type of budget at all in over a year. Republicans have done last years job and already have next years ready.

So we have lack of any action from the democrats towards a budget and lack of acceptance that Americans voted their policy ideology out in November. The new congress getting to work to cut the budget and putting forth solid efforts to get it done; by following through on their campaign promises has already listened to the people. Now, as Reed has pointed out today the issue is not about dollars, but rather ideology he has officially politicized the matter. But I agree with him in a sense; a large part of cutting the budget means less government and less federal aid (not state aid). Therein lies the issue, Democrats as group want more government and government programs where as republicans/conservatives do not. Now, we need to understand we are in debt and things do need to change; it is time for the democrats and the president to stop saying we will listen to what you have to say, but we are not budging (then acting as if they are not holding things up any more than the Republicans are); it is time to grow up and listen to your constituents and the Debt Commission the president himself put together. Common sense.

Now to the aspect that really ticks me off: holding military pay as a pawn in their game of politics.

The president in all of his grandeur has stated he will not pass, but rather veto any short-term funding bill brought to him, that would fund the Pentagon for the next year; ensuring military pay. Democrats have also stalled a bill that would make sure the military would always be funded during a government shut down. So how can the leaders of our country deny pay to those that are willing to die for them? How can they stress our troops out more than they already are. I think it is sad that any government or federal worker would not be paid; but the issue of not paying those who defend you, follow your orders to go to hostile environments is disgusting. What is worse is the point they are being used as a pawn to make the republicans be bombarded with cries of injustice towards the Republicans to just cave and give in to the bullying of the White House. That is one of the most disgraceful things I have seen this White house and congress do. I hope Americans are watching this and taking names and notes; because this in inexcusable. Yes both parties are risking a shut down; but educate yourselves. Who controls the shut down? Who decides who does and who does not get paid? That would be congress and the President! It is not written in stone, but yet a common sense approach that before not had not needed to be written in stone. There have been over twelve previous shut downs with those presidents and senates keeping essential people paid and working. Not until now, when the government has sunk so low it would exploit its military.

If this shut down happens and the president chooses to make it harder than it has to be, by not paying those who serve in our military; then that is on him and those in congress who choose not to. But we as Americans need to take a stand and do what the leadership in the white house is not willing to do; which is tackle this fiscal nightmare. I for one hope the political pandering is stopped and there is no shut down; but if that is what is needed to show the white house that we are serious about fixing America, I am willing to make that sacrifice.

Here is a link to encourage the president and your representatives to vote yes for H.R. 1297, to prevent this stop of payment from happening now or ever.
Follow up links (also anything in blue will take you fact-finding as well)-

Shut down process


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