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Sunday Pet Peeves

]pet peeves for sale - 032208

Image by zarprey via Flickr

Ok, so I was just thinking I would start something new. I have a few pet peeves and there are some things that irk me, so I thought I  would start sharing them. Then I thought it would be neat to see who else has the same pet peeves and irks as I do; so depending on the response I am going to do this every so often with a poll to see. Feel free to share one of your own.

So a pet peeve of mine, that really distracts me is when things are off-center; it really drives me I have a hard time focusing on much else until the offending item is centered and in harmony with the world again.



  1. Brittany says:

    LOL I’m the same way! I can’t handle it and sometimes I have to try really hard to keep myself from moving it.

  2. Dana says:

    LOL! I have the same peeve! And a picture off center that always hangs just off enough to make me nuts!

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