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Reality in Numbers….


My new scale

Well, this past weekend after not owning one of these evil little machines for over seven years or even having had the guts to step up on to one in about two years I broke down and bought a Taylor LED Superbrite Scale.  I am realizing that until I face the truth of the exact amount of weight I need to lose, I am not going to be able to seriously take action to get the job done; let alone started. My next step is to actually open the box and take it out. Yes, it is still sitting there in its box; very sad. 🙂 I am thinking though that Monday is a good day to just do it.

I have been watching Shane work on loosing weight already and I am a bit behind this deployment. lol  Our FRG is doing a neat thing; Running Our Heroes Home, in which we are going to tally our miles walked or ran to hit a total of 7,230 until our soldiers are home. I am going to participate in that and hopefully build up into some other things. They shared with us a couple of sites to log our time in and get tips ect…; Cool Running and Run Keeper. I have already started on yoga and some at home things, so hopefully all together they will work. I am pretty excited to do this.

Last week Megan and I took a RAD Self Defense course which was a lot of fun, educational, enlightening, empowering and a great work out. So I plan to keep practicing the moves etc… to help burn some calories too.  I highly suggest to all women, and young ladies to check into taking one of these courses; they are great.

So, I guess it is time to get off my rear and get myself motivated; all motivation seems to be hiding somewhere. lol



  1. Cari says:

    Well, I finally broke down and opened the scale yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised, I don’t have as much weight to lose as I thought. So,now I know where I am starting at as well as formulate a game plan.:)

  2. amber says:

    Well, lucky you. I, on the other hand, have some baby weight to loose. Unfortunately, it is Ashtyn’s and has been hanging around for 9yrs! LOL!! Actually, it’s not that bad–I weigh maybe 5lbs more than I did when I graduated HS, it’s just in different (ie–al the WRONG) places. This week I will attempt to get back on track. May is always my ‘new years’ but instead of making a new years resolution, I make a ‘time-for-a-bathing-suit resolution. I finally got a double jogging stroller, so I can walk with the babies, which I love doing. Hope to do that 3 times a week. And I will do p90x for awhile, until it gets to be too much. With a toddler, a preschooler, two busy elementary students and a VERY busy husband it is so hard to find the time to spend on me. I can’t even find the time to read a book or finish a magazine!! And I actually WANT to do those things. So working out I have to really make myself do.

    So, good luck to you. Hope it all works out. I know I always hate when they return from deployment all buff and I’m not!! Twice, Danny came home to a pregnant wife, poor guy. And the last deployment he tried to talk me into baby #3 during his R&R. I said Hell no!! For once, you will come home to a hott wife and not a fat wife! And, I did it. Went to the gym and had a pretty nice body for him to come home too. And then he knocked me up again. Happens every time I loose the weight! LOL!

    And if you are interested in running seriously, c25k(couch to 5k) is a great program.

  3. careknet says:

    Thank you Amber; same to you! Oh my gosh, your life is like a daily workout! Your posts are always to full of activities that you do not seem to need to worry about finding time to work But I know what you mean about finding time for yourself and the weight sitting in all the wrong places! I wish I could work out more or even run a bit. My stupid knee slows me down; but I am going to walk fast to try and get some miles in and burn some calories. Our Chaplains wife shared that c25k as well, so since it is coming from both of you guys, I am going to have to check it out.
    Oh and you have always looked great! Danny is lucky guy! :o)

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