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Three months, three weeks and five days…


Kids, Easter

That is my main countdown right now. In those three months, three weeks and five days so much has happened and so much has not happened. Katelyn and Brett moved to WA, we got a new puppy, we planted veggies and


flowers, I stopped blogging because I felt like all I wanted to talk about was whiny, the school year ended and summer has started. Life is going on, even if I do not always (or often) jump out into the fray of it, it is still happening. This deployment sucks, there is just something about this one that seems different from the others. None of them have been great or fun, but for some reason this one feels odd. I dunno. But just as life is moving on, this deployment is moving on as well, slowly but surely as we are going  on to our fourth month now.

But one thing that is not moving along and is really starting to bug me, is the way my kids have decided to do more selective listening, and totally ignoring the things I tell them to do, that they do not feel like doing.  The way they pick and choose what they are or are not going to do or when they feel like getting around to doing something is really starting to irk me. It seems as if my children are going to lose some privileges that could lead to a very boring summer for them. That is one of my things I try not to  whine about.

Another is, until your kiddo grows up, gets married and moves away you will just never really know how hard it is to let go. Especially when it makes them sad too.

Kate and My Drama Queen

Kate and my Artist

Ok, so no more whining for a while.



  1. Grandma Pam says:

    cari, I understand your pain… you are so not alone…. as mothers we have all gone through it, most if us have survived it. I am sure our kids do not mean to hurt our feelings, but they still do it. Just like we did as teenagers and even adults. Life is hard for all of us. It is also a part of growing and taking each challenge as it comes our way. As a “senior citizen” now, I look back and think of the things I did to let my parents down, or hurt them, not taking heed to their advise, I think, why did’n’t I listen. But I guess it is all in the plan. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying, just let them run over you. Kids are lacking these days (maybe always have) to respect their parents. I would just love them and keep calm, but make the rules stick. I look back and think about those days, how many times did Dad tell me know and I did it anyway? How many of those times should I have listened….. alot.. He was always right, and it made me so dang mad that he was. Being a parent is easy, but being a GOOD parent is difficult. We have to stand our ground, that is tough. Trying to balance the love you have for them and yet displine them at the same time. You are doing a great job of it… just stick to your guns. Some day they will come and say, “mom, thanks for protecting me from harms way”. That is all you are doing, loving them and trying to keep them safe. They just don’t see that yet.
    Now on behalf of my darling grand children: YOU GUYS SHAPE UP!!!! Grandma loves you so much, but you need to listen your mom, I know you think she doesnt have a clue about anything, but I am telling you she does….. she loves you all so much, she just wants you to be happy and live a good life. As a mother she will do everything in her power to protect you because sometimes kids make wrong choices…. just love your mother, and be patient with her… she is trying very hard to keep you safe. You just have to accept that fact, and your life will be so much more rewarding. I know it is so tough to be a kid today.. I know it is so hard that your dad isn’t there, but give your mom a break. Her life isn’t all that great right now either.. you need each other to get through all of this. So please trust be when I say, try each day to be good, do something good for one another. Laugh at each other, and with each other. Most of all love each other and treat each other with the respect you each deserve. OK, enough from Grandma about that…. I love you all, I miss you so much and can’t wait until I can see you all again. Be good and be safe this summer.

  2. sue says:

    I dont quite know what to say to you, because missing you has never become easier,I just endure it and keep living. The pictures of the girls hugging made me whimper. Shane will come home, life will go on, but you will feel like a part is always missing. Now I will quit whining Send those kids to me

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