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How Insulting to all Americans….

White House Holiday Open House 2008

Image by Luigi Crespo via Flickr

When my kids tell a lie to me or anyone else, I tell them that you are not only wrong in telling the lie, but they were also wrong to insinuate that they think the person they are telling that lie to is stupid. It infuriates me when I am lied to and someone thinks I am stupid enough to fall for their lie. Now that being said, when our country’s leaders that we vote into office, lie to our faces, we should not just accept and try to condone such behavior. Shame on those who choose to keep their heads in the sand and follow the lies blindly or choose not to research the facts, or worse those who are so against admitting their party is not always right, they will believe the lies; just cause. I am not just referring to democrats, not by any means, but how rude for those who are democrat to assume that only Republicans lie!

For our president to stand up in-front of that podium at the White House and to spread false hoods so blatantly to scare people, blame others, and just all around work on his presidential campaign, that is the embodiment of arrogance and an abuse of power.

So could we get into a debate into whose fault it is that we have come to this debt limit deadline again? Sure we could and I would be happy to; first it takes two to tango, but there is often one side that needs a reality check. Both sides need to concede something.

My issue in this post is the fact that our president feels the need to lie to us to push his agenda and his re-election. I have never been on the love Obama band wagon, and I have tried very hard to be fair, but tonight during his speech he went above and beyond what I consider to be acceptable rhetoric and talking points. As an American I feel insulted he thinks I do not know that the republicans have put at least two written bills on the floor to be voted on, that the democrats had two years with total control of both houses to pass a budget and have not passed one or presented a budget to debate now, or that I do not know that this is not the time to raise taxes as he would like to do; and has insisted is the only way  he will sign a bill and will veto anything that does not have new taxes in it. In this very speech he personally called out the republicans as the only ones not taking any serious action, not willing to make any hard choices and the like, to turn and say he is not going to point any fingers…hmmm. Then he say’s it would be better to have something rather than nothing on the table: really, did he not just catch the vote for Cut, Cap and Balance? It blows me away. To say that only one side is holding up this stalemate, when it is actually three: the president himself, Republicans and Democrats, is simply wrong.

This scare tactic the president has decided to use is also pretty pathetic. To suggest that social security will not get paid, the military, America’s debt and the like is so misleading I expect his nose to grow each time he mentions it. If these responsibilities are not taken care of that will be the president’s choice, since there is a  policy of rearranging payments and that mainly rests on his shoulders, as well as laws about Social Security. Not getting this done will be devastating for certain government agencies, but not the ones he is using to scare America with. The simple fact anyone could lose a pay check due to this is wrong, but come on be honest about the magnitude and the who, what, where and when of it.

The dire straights the president pointed out tonight are just as much if not more so on his shoulders since he has not been realistic in his demands or rhetoric and should hold himself (as well the democrats)to the same condemnation. Unless he and the democratic party were serious about this to the point they would lay their terms out on the table, put a bill out there to debate and vote on, or better yet at least debate the bills the republicans get past through the House in the senate, he might have a leg to stand on.

So Mr. President do not cry foul and point your fingers in blame at others based on lies or misleading statements; rather get off your high horse and do what is right for the country, not your election and agenda.  Also sir, do not assume we are all so ignorant not to google a bill, a voting record or a transcript from a meeting or earlier TV show.


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