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My Deployment Week From “Hello”…we will just say it was really really awful…

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Hand-washing is a big part of my life and I am pretty routine about when I should wash them. You know basically after handling raw meat, about to make dinner, after bathroom visits,working in the yard, feeding the pets etc…It is a good habit to have. Except at one point last week I must have forgotten, because I was incapacitated by something I ate or hands I did not wash 6 to 72 hours before this past Friday. By Saturday morning I was so ill I truly thought I was going to die or just wanted to. I had hope though, at that point or wishful thinking anyway that it was just a twenty-four hour bug; no such luck. The next day Sunday was even worse. During one of the few moments of clarity I was able to grasp I looked up my symptoms and yep to a T they matched Salmonella poisoning, the symptoms are still on the exact course of a case of moderate Salmonella poisoning on day 6. I can honestly say this illness is within the top five of the most painful things I have been through. My heart breaks just thinking about a child getting this; not only it is more dangerous for them; but I can just imagine the fear they have from the pain alone. I so pray my children nor anyone’s child has to get this bacteria. It is evil, between the stomach spasms/cramping,headaches,  the fever and chill’s are a nightmare.

So what does this have to do with a deployment? Well the past 6 months I have been able to manage things and stay in charge pretty well. I might not have always had fun or enjoyed it, but I knew I could manage. But this past week, I realized how vulnerable my kids and I were by just having me here. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for sure if there had been an emergency I would have been useless to my children. I could not discipline them, look for them, get out of bed for them, cook for them, etc…I was at their mercy and God forbid if a stranger had gotten in or anything…ugg. My house fell apart and the kids after a couple of days of me showing them no guidance were not very nice; made it all a bit harder. I started thinking what if something had happened to me? I would have died of embarrassment if anyone had come over, due to the mess. Such is life I suppose; but it was just scary, because I could not even pick up a phone for a few days and the kids at times were not within whispering range of hearing  I finally had to call a friend to help us out yesterday and this morning; yesterday we were out of some essentials for the kids so Dan gave Megan a ride to Wal-Mart to buy what we needed and this morning Megan missed the bus AGAIN (I am sure thinking she could get another day off from school) she did Monday and Tuesday as well. But thankfully our friend Tim was able to come pick her up this A.M. so she would not miss school again. I am not good at asking for help and I really spent a lot of time at the house this summer so I feel out of the loop. So my plan once I am totally over this, is to hopefully realize the bubble I have put myself in needs to be popped, get my personal family papers in order and my house if this type of situation ever comes up again and get ready for R&R.

Kinda funny my half way deployment was spent writhing in pain, stuck in my house and for once my plan had been to get out of my house and go to a halfway over deployment bowling party…but I think I finally got what I needed to out of the deployment. I hope it was not a fun lesson learned. I am exhausted now and I think I am going to take a nap; thanks for reading and be sure to wash your hands. 🙂


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