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Want tax dollars supporting Ground Zero mosque?

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Want tax dollars supporting Ground Zero mosque?.

This is extremely upsetting to me. For all the people who have simply asked for this mosque to be built out of the Ground Zero area out of respect for the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 and simply for the delicacy of the situation; this is a pathetic slap in the face against them.

This mosque does not even have the funding to be built, yet those wanting to build it insist on its need to be there now is just wrong. People have offered to pay to have it built on another street to be told no, and yet those who turn that money down would rather apply for free money that has been allotted to rebuild the area that was devastated by 9/11. The audacity of the planners of the mosque is very disturbing.

On a side note and I am going to research this here in a bit; there was a Greek Orthodox (Saint Nicholas) church that was very near the Twin Towers (for years) and last I heard (as of last year) they still had not been given the ok to rebuild. I am not sure about today, but as of last year, nine years after the fact they were still waiting on this money and the ok. Pretty sad.

Mosques, Churches, synagogues all houses of worship are and should be all over America; freedom of religion is an essential aspect of America’s foundation. Common sense is also a must just as, respect, common decency and good judgement are. So please follow the main link and sign the petition to prevent this mosque from being built with 9/11 grant money.

St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church; by clicking on this it will take you to a story written about it.



  1. Our government should not be in the business of funding religious buildings, for obvious reasons.

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