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One of Those Happy Days…

Dunbar Cave Entrance

Image by www78 via Flickr

It is a total shame that we have lived here almost four years and had not been to Dunbar Cave until today. I really need to get out more, there is so much out there in this state to see and do (if I would just get off my butt and go). Luckily we have a great friend Angie who likes to do things other than sit at home…lol Angie visits the area almost every day walking the trails with Art (her hubby and our Chaplain) and their dogs. So today we took Angie to lunch and she took us to Dunbar Cave. It was truly a lovely day; Fazoli’s was yummy, the museum at Dunbar Cave was really cool; the kids loved it. We walked the short trail around the cave, checked out all the birds, animals, tree’s and plants, while we worked off lunch. From there we went to cool off at Lasaters with some smoothies and iced coffee‘s and tea; awesome!! Then Angie and I indulged the girls with a little trip next door to Lasaters, at Plato’s Closet. A little shopping is always a nice ending to a great day.

Reasons my day was great:

1. My kids were with me


2. My kids had fun together


3. Our good friend Angie was with us


4. We got to make memories with people we care a lot about.


5. We are truly blessed.


Now I cannot wait for Shane to get home so we can share these new experiences with him…plus my mom who is talking about coming down here soon, can go with us as well.


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