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Former Muslim Challenges the Koran (video) (Added book on bottom)

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Former Muslim Challenges the Koran (video).

This is a very interesting video as well as an important one. I am reading a book called A God Who Hates: The Courageous Woman Who Inflamed the Muslim World Speaks Out Against the Evils of Islam that touches on some of the information in the video (I have read others listed under Books I Have Read). I think it is a good idea to listen to the perspectives and stories of those who have actually lived or lives the life of an Arab and/or Muslim. Questioning Islam when referring to radical Islamic terrorism can become a politically heated topic within our government, military and society; makes a person wonder why. Do we just want to stay ignorant, are we afraid of the answer? Many are worried about the words and accusations of racism, bigotry,and Islamophobe, which boggles my mind; unless you truly are those things and just want to bash and hate those who are Muslim (most people who are true racists etc…are not so shy about saying they are though). But to simply look beyond the explanation that “they (radical Islamic terrorists) don’t like us for our Western ways or because we have troops in the Middle East” as the enabling of the spread of this type of terrorism is an honest question; a needed question. It would do us the U.S. a bit of good to listen to those who have lived the life or are living the life exposed the most to commit acts of terrorism/Jihad in the name of Allah.

Another book- 

Militant Islam Reaches America

The introduction to this book really sums up most of what I have wanted to say in this If you get a chance check it out. I am still working on the book and researching it; I have the older copy (2002) and it is a little outdated.



  1. jaybark7 says:

    Thanks for sharing a link to this video. I’m watching it now. It is always interesting to hear the thoughts of those who have firsthand knowledge of Islam. While the reaction can be taken to extremes there is definitely a place for learning and increasing the understanding of 1.5 billion people around the world.

    • careknet says:

      Your are more than welcome! I agree it is hard to honestly respect or agree/disagree with an ideology, person or lifestyle without at least trying to understand it or them. I hope you were able to gain some insight from the video.

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