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The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’ – Nina Shea – National Review Online


Image by Muhammad غفّاري via Flickr

The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’ – Nina Shea – National Review Online.

This article actually coincides with my post yesterday on questioning Islam and listening to those who have lived the life of an Arab and/or Muslim in regards to radical Islamic terrorism. So if this resolution (Resolution 16/18) goes through within this new light suggested by the White House; I may have to watch what I say and/or question about Islam. It is a sad day when one has to be afraid to ask questions, voice concerns, or make honest objections to some religious actions within the United States or anywhere for that matter. A couple of issues the White House should consider include; are the effects this has on emboldening radical Islamic terrorists and would this mean that other branches of Islam or other Middle Easter religions such as the Bahai Faith as well as  Christian and Jewish faiths will have the same protections? I personally feel the answer to the first part of my question is yes, it will embolden them and as the second part of the question, no, other Middle Easter religions, Christians and Jews will not be rewarded the same courtesy or rights by many/most Arab countries. I hope so, but I doubt it; actions speak louder than words. But you should listen to the words from Muslim leaders as well, because many Middle Eastern countries are quite vocal on what to expect as non-Muslims.


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