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A Hippie, a Butterfly and Green Lantern…Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween from us! The kids had a pretty good time last night trick or treating. My drama queen, aka Butterfly actually stayed home from school yesterday, I am afraid she is getting strep again, but she wanted to make an effort of going out for a little while. Poor smarty pants aka Green Lantern was so hoping she made it past our She made it a few blocks so that was for plus him, but she paid for it later. My artist aka the Hippie hung out at the house while we were out and handed out candy , then went out herself for a while with a friend once our over seven bags of candy were gone.Man Halloween is getting expensive; but it such a fun time a year it is hard not to get wrapped up into all the bags of candies, cute outfits and scary food! We usually make a scary dinner, but with Shane gone and the up teen errands I had to do yesterday we played it simple; orange and black nacho chips with cheese and burritos’. Totally boring, but next year I will not schedule two vet appointments, a dog grooming appointment, or plan on going to the store to pick up prescriptions and the post office to mail off a care package, not to mention the awful traffic. lol  Hope you enjoy the photo’s of our pretty laid back Halloween 2011.





  1. Brittany says:

    They all looked so adorable in their outfits!! 😀 Glad they had fun!

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