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Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of Global Jihad

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Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of Global Jihad. Please read this article and any others you can find on the issue.

My goodness the threat of more world-wide drama that concerns our military and NATO is an ever-increasing issue and yet the White House and Democratic party is hell-bent on gutting the defense budget. I posted another article today on Face Book on going to war with China. Russia is threatening us and our “leaders” are taking it, plus we all know the issues with Iran and in a way these countries are all tied together. This is not going to be pretty and those who are going to suffer the most are; our military troops and civilians in these other countries,  maybe even within our own country. Why are Americans so ready to blame America for the worlds woes and so quick to want to bury their heads in the sand, wishing and hoping the violence and evil in the rest of the world was just a figment of their imagination? I guess it is easier to blame a country that gives you the right to vent at it and will pacify you with whatever you want to hear to make you “feel” safe just for your vote. A vote to keep them safe in their authoritative positions even if the crap hits the fan; the ones left to pay for it will be those willing to give up their rights to keep their false sense of security, those willing to risk their lives for our freedom, and those in foreign countries who just want to lives their lives and/or fight for their freedoms.

Pakistan is an ugly vicious cycle of enabling those who would offer a sense of help for diplomatic pull and millions of dollars in aid, to turn around and use it to enable their own conflict with India and to support terrorists who are over there killing innocent civilians and our troops. I would hope Americans could see that America although not a perfect super power, is far better than those who are trying to take its place.



  1. Brittany says:

    I don’t understand most of this stuff… I’m glad you do, ’cause you always seem to know what you’re talking about and leave me going “Yeah! I’m with Cari!” LOL

  2. Aaron says:

    You give radicals a voice in the middle east if we continue our position there. Those radicals can point to the dead and the corrupt governments and say look what America and NATO brings to us. If we remove ourselves it may give the bad guys a chance to return to power but it is a chance worth taking because A) It removes our troops, leaders, vehicles….as targets for the enemy. B) Removes the argument that the Americans are Global imperialists looking to invade their homeland.C) Legitimizes their Gov. as one of the people not as a puppet of the U.S. Look at the Arab Spring, there is unrest but atleast the people are turning towards a form of democracy. The U.S. didn’t have to force this on them, the people, through revolution did this. This is the example we need to set, not one that drains our economy and ruins our image throughout the middle east.

    • careknet says:

      Hi Aaron,
      I disagree with the perception that if America would just go away and leave all Middle Eastern country, the radical terrorists, states who sponsor terrorism are going to stop wanting to destroy the “west”. Nor do I think the average person within the Middle East is going to appreciate the absence of our troops either. I see no proof in that, I actually see the opposite, each time we tuck our tails and run, they follow us out; it only emboldens the radicals and leaves the rest thinking America is weak and so they cannot rely on us when their dictators, military leaders, kings, and Mullahs impose: tyranny, religious slavery, poverty, ignorance, women and child abuse, minority discrimination and genocide upon them. The people within the Middle East are often indoctrinated to hate American’s by their government for the governments personal gain and/or by terrorist groups by Hamas and Hezbollah, to recruit new Jihadist fighters. They do not need us there to keep up their anti-American and anti-Jewish propaganda. Do you really think this hate started when we went into Iraq? This has been going on since the sixties if not before.
      The Arab Spring makes me sad; in the fact that those who truly wanted to stand up to their governments are now being pushed aside and I believe something worse is going to take their previous leaders place; especially for the women and children. The resistance in Iran asked for our help (guess they wanted us there), but our president turned them away. Libya asked for our help, (guess they wanted us there as well), not that I agree with how that all went down, just Africa and other countries have. This Arab Spring is not going to be good for very many countries. It seems odd, that these people all wanted us there; I believe it is because, the average Middle Easterner, is confuse; they only know about America what their government wants them to know, to keep discord, unrest and ignorance within their state; using America (falsely) as a scapegoat. Yet, they still ask for us; and I am glad because the more the people of the Middle East can meet an American the more the perception of the big boogy man from the west can be proven wrong, not by tucking our tail and running.

      I am sorry for taking so long to response. Thank you so much for actually reading my thoughts and leaving a comment!

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