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Horse meat may be back on the menu

Hay is for Horses

Image by gomattolson via Flickr

Horse meat may be back on the menu.

When I took a class on the culture of China, I learned why many in Asia eat all the different varieties of vegies, bugs, and animals that they do. Their diet and much of Asia’s was not developed over a “want” to eat their dog or cat, but rather out of starvation for many decades. In America we are blessed to have not gone through such awful times, thus sparing our pets the fate of being eaten. So now we are on the verge of reinstating the slaughter of horses in America; not just to be “humane” (like mass slaughter is a humane way to die), but for human consumption as well. In Europe horse is eaten by some, but then again in America we have not had to worry en-mass about that. Before 2006 horses that were slaughtered here, usually had their meat sent oversees. In 2007 the last slaughter-house for horses within the US for human consumption was shut down and I believe rightfully so. The slaughter of horses is not meant (as some who want to make money from these unwanted or stolen horses would have you believe) to be for the better of the horses, but rather an easy out with a way to make some money off of a horse a person no longer wants (those darn unruly two-year olds), the horse who has given its entire life to the service of people and is no longer able to “earn” its keep, a horse or horses stolen from a loving family or from someone who just breeds their horses insistently and if they cannot make money selling them or need to get rid of one to keep one they cannot sell. It goes against the grain to breed an animal to be a pet or work animal to then kill it when a person decides they need some money. We as humans have a responsibility to stand up for these animals that have not voice of their own or choose to breed themselves over and over again.

For those who feel it is better to put an old horse down or any horse down due to neglect or an inability to feed it, it is far from humane to sell it off to auction where those who sell to slaughter houses in Mexico or Canada (or thanks to Obama and others in office here in the U.S.) are in the crowd. Look at the treatment of animals in these slaughter houses (especially in Mexico) and tell me honestly that is humane.  You do have the option of a humane euthanasia by a vet. These horses deserve the humanity and dignity of that, and not to make an owner a couple hundred dollars to be then taken away, abused, stressed out beyond stressed out and kept that way up until the moment they are slaughtered. It is sickening that people are so greedy they will jump to that easy out and that Americans who insist they are a compassionate culture turn the other cheek and condone this awful behavior.  It is sick the things our congressman will stick into a bill that has nothing to do with the matter at hand, but since the other matter is so important they know it will be passed within this other bill; because on its own it was already defeated and could not make it through on its own again.



  1. Milissa says:

    Apparently this continues yet today in Mexico and Canada. Kristen Bauer Van Straten (Pam on true blood) posted this yesterday. After you posted and I was confused. Under her comments there were people from all over the world. Someone commented that meat was $32 dollars a pound. I forget the location. Makes me sick when also I guess Obama was a supporter if closing and keeping them closed yet another thing he flipped flipped on. I’m ashamed that we would let something like this happen. Although do we have the right to complain when we allow the slaughter of cows and chickens for our consumption in places that are not necessarily “humane”. Or are they? I don’t know that part I’m going to have to look up and think about. :(.

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