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I Am Where I Am, Cause I Want To Be There…


My mom and kids

So, growing up I wanted to be a dancer (which I never even took a class for), at some point I wanted to be a mommy, got a little older and swore I would never have kids (we all know how that turned 🙂 lol) to which led me to want to be a teacher, counselor, psychologist, a cop and then; well my goodness I could go on and on.  I am still going to But until now I never really took what I wanted to be when I grew up to seriously.  Now (well for the past few yrs) I know what I want to do and I have a passion for National Security and America, as well as mom, but it took me a long time to get there. Each future career I chose was never one to really make me rich though. I worked all through high school and knew to make money, you have to work, but rich was not what I was looking for. My parents bought me what I needed, but if I wanted extra I had to save my money or ask Santa. 😉 I look back now and besides being a dancer (we all know how that turned out too 🙂 lol), everything I wanted to be was to some way help people and not make me rich.  I am not driven to live in a mansion or have huge rings and so many cars I would not know what to do with. I am happy with my little Army house, my stuff and my grandmother’s wedding ring (that means so much more to me than a 3 carat diamond could) and my family. Now would I like nice things? Yes, I appreciate nice things, but I do not need the best of the best, cause of a name or something. Good quality is one thing, but a $10,000 watch I cannot even imagine wanting something like, just cause.

I did not take school to seriously, but I did pretty well. I skipped at times and did not always focus too

My dad and my kids

much on home work. I knew that if I wanted to get into Harvard, I had better get good grades, but I did not want to go to Harvard. I also knew that by limiting myself and not striving for Harvard or any reputable university I was doomed to live a life like my parents: A military family, middle class, living pay check to pay check, working hard for their kids, not really thinking about themselves and if dad was not TDY or deployed, taking road trips to grandma’s or through whatever new state we lived in as a family, rather than fly or take trips to Europe. For me, I did not see it as doomed…I grew up happy.  I love my mom and dad, watching them work hard, sometimes two jobs at a time, taught me so much about life and opportunity. I respect them more than they will ever know. I know they went without so my brother and I could have and do things, just like Shane and I do now. As a kid, I think I was spoiled a bit, cause I did not really realize how much they gave us and at times being a child and ignorant or a teen and selfish, I took advantage of that unselfish love, until I grew up. As parent I understand why they did it and were happy to do it, because of the happiness parents have watching their children be happy. It has been said that parents want better for their kids when they grow up, when in most cases I think and in all reality my parents could not have done any better. I would not trade or change anything from my childhood, well except I wish I could go back and say thank you more, I love you more and not be so mean as teenagers can be. Do I want better than what my mom and dad had? Not really, I was blessed and lucky to live in my middle class family as an Air Force brat.

My mom and my

You know I started this blog, because of the president’s speech today and his spouting about his support for the middle class and how awful the rich are (Isn’t he rich?). Uggg…I am middle class because that is where I choose to be, not because a rich guy makes a gazillion dollars and pays only 65% taxes on his personal state, federal and other taxed income or whatever it is depending on their state. We as a country are not in debt due to a lack of a 1% or more tax increase on the rich, nor will we get out of debt by adding it. Why are any middle class people in debt? I mean we do make enough money to live on, even get some extra’s; we earn what we knew we would earn, every degree has an income potential and we all read the little catalogs the colleges and the government puts out with that info in it. But sometimes our eyes do get bigger than our wallets and we spend more than we should and with most of us, if we get a raise, we find something else to spend that money on leaving us where we were before the raise, but maybe with more stuff. But this is what got me thinking about my middle class upbringing and life. My dad worked hard for us, my mom worked hard for us to give my brother and I the opportunity to have happy childhoods and to make that choice of what we wanted to be when we grew up; did we want to work hard and get into an Ivy League college or did we want to work hard for something else…because in America we all have that opportunity. I thank God it is not up to the government or the rich to choose my future. We are a compassionate country, we help those who are down and out as it should be. Americans do not honestly know poverty, because within the US we  have hope; whatever our dreams and goals are we can go after them. Hope and I would add the Constitution of the United States of America…Where the government has limited powers, which means you can dream as big or as small as you want to. That is said figuratively too, because my dreams may not have been grand to others, but to me they are big, cause they are what make me happy. Thanks to guys and gals like my dad who went to another country to stand up for his daughter and sons right to live protected by him through the government, but supported by him not the government, we can be that 1% or that 99% and neither one owes the other. For me, I am  happy being me, where I am at, knowing I am not done, I am going to go a little higher, but being rich is not my goal and asking the rich to compensate me for my choice is not fair nor right.

Would I like to win the lottery to make my life easier? He_ _ yes! lol

Thanks mom and dad, for being who are and helping me realize Middle Class is not mediocre, but grand and patriotism is an important part of being American. I love you guys.


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