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The Ever So Fickle American….(w/ an update)

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We all hate to admit we are wrong, Americans are typically pretty proud people. But sometimes ya just have to fess up and call it what it is: a mistake. Not all mistakes are bad, unless you do not learn from them and either do not repeat the mistake or at least try to fix any damage done.But when we just repeat the same mistakes over and over, we have no one but our selves to blame for the mess it causes.

I wonder if people remember when they voted in all these new guys in Oct. 2010 into congress etc…to stop this outrageous spending and to actually work up there for the people and not keep passing the buck to save their butts. I wonder if they remember that before these guys were voted in, there was one ruling party (the democrats) in control for two years and pretty much for two years before Obama was elected as well, that had enough votes to put through whatever they wanted to, without any say from the Republicans. For two years one party had control of the House, Senate and Presidency; but yet they did not pass any budgets, nothing they were hired to do; except impose new laws. They chose to wait until they lost many of their seats to play political games within America’s political process. Then to top it off our president chooses to use the situation as a political topper to his re-election campaign…spinning, spinning, spinning.

This is where the Ever so Fickle American comes into play. Many of us say how awful congress is and give it its lowest ratings ever; and yet who keeps voting these people in? Americans; we vote for these people. What I think is even worse, we are so quick to believe everything we hear and yet always call them cheats and liars; I don’t get it. This is what frustrates me, America wanted change, so they voted Obama in, not really listening to what his idea of change was. Then America gets a taste of that change and decides to vote a lot of new people in to do a specific job on a specific platform and when they start to do that job and the other team is loosing its control, American’s choose to believe the desperate lies and scare tactics thrown out by those loosing their control. When it comes time to get the job done and some of our governmental representation try to do the job they were sent their to do and Americans in turn, lose sight of that goal or worse lose the stomach to back up their votes; America is in for trouble. How can you send people to do a job, support their cause and then when they get their to try to do what was asked of them, and call them the bad guys or say they are unwilling to compromise! Compromise is great, but when two parties are so ideologically different and the change, up until now has been so drastically one-sided, it is time to reel in the other side and stop the spending and threat of increasing taxes.

So is the Fickle American not willing to spare (on average) $40 for a little bit, so these guys (many working with the “Tea Party”) we sent to get the job done, can actually finally get the job done? Or are we going to have a fit over it and not let them duke this out in the house and senate, get the job done for at least a year rather than keep extending this issue for another two months? $40 dollars, that could help America in the long run? Seriously do we not want jobs, job growth and security for the long run? Here we complain they never get anything done and yet as soon as the president or Pelosi say’s no pizza parties or extra shoes next month, if we do not sign this bill, for just two more months, we scream fowl. I think for $40 we the average American can do our part and let those who voted in to change this mess, actually do that; without the president playing on hype to scare us or make one side of this congress look worse than the other. Not to mention this $40 loss, does not even have to happen, if we let them do their job and get it done next week, without us freaking out about nothing. Lets not keep making the same mistakes and listen so readily to the scare tactics and political hype by those trying so hard to get political gains from doing that to us. Read the bill and see what is at stake..when you see some republicans who are new to the floor and trying to do what we sent them to do and some who have been there a long time who want to do what is right, but are afraid of the hype being thrown at their constituents, so they just want to settle and fight another day,hoping the hype will not work the next go round; remember why they have to fight and what they have to fight for.

It is sad that to keep their political seats this time around, not getting the job done, may be the only way to fight another day. Which leads to repeating the same old mistakes, which leads to never getting the job done. Who can we really blame for this? I think the Fickle American.

I do not lay all blame on American’s nor do I blame it all on the democrats or Obama, but we really need to see the difference as American citizens between political pandering and the Bully pulpit compared to real democracy, the actual what is “right” for the outcomes of these bills and presidential leadership.

Update-  So we kick the can down the road…as it has been said by our congressman, sometimes you cannot do what is right to keep up with the politics of an issue. Pretty sad…

House Republicans Have to Cave….even the news agencies use the word, “cave”


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