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Christmas Eve…


Here it is the day before Christmas…Christmas Eve…a super fun full of anticipation kind of day. My kids are always so happy on Christmas Eve, I love to watch them. This year is a little different with Shane and Katelyn not being here; I thought it would just be me having a hard time getting into the “spirit” of the season; I mean what kid does look forward to Santa Clause?  But sadly I can see it in their eyes as well, something is just missing or well some people.

Last year was magical with everyone home, snow on Christmas Eve, a very special Church service and just a perfect feeling of Christmas. Shane and I were so relaxed about Christmas last year and enjoyed it for what it was meant to be enjoyed for; Jesus, family and Santa. lol We knew we had to make it special since he would be gone for this one, maybe with hopes it would help with the void we knew we would all feel this year. I am not sure, but looking back it makes this Christmas a little less cheery and yet it gives me hope for next year when hopefully we will all be together again…Kate and Brett too.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless our troops.


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