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An Enlightening and Brightening Moment….


Racism is often a hard topic to discuss, well maybe not hard but rather uncomfortable and/or delicate

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maybe even a bit intimidating; depending on the type of discussion you are having and the feelings involved. I learned a little something about racism tonight. I am not going to delve into the elements of racism except for a tiny bit though.

Tonight my kids and I were watching, “Remember the Titans” which is an awesome movie about the racial tensions of school integration in the early 70’s. An inspirational true story about the evolution of the decline of ignorance and bigotry in America. This leads me to my enlightening and brightening moment with my Drama Queen. My eleven year old daughter made the meaning of this story, or well the outcome of this movie/true life story show a true happy ending. Sadly I know there is still racism in the world and all countries and people have experienced racism, some much more than others. But my daughter in her own small way made it really hit home how far we here in American have come.

There is a scene in the movie where one of the white football players is introducing his new black teammate (who has come to this once all white school through the school integration program) to his girlfriend. When the friend reached out to shake her hand the girlfriend simply stared at it, looked up at her boyfriend like “your kidding right” with her lip and nose pulled up a bit and walked off mad. My Drama Queen literally out of the blue turned around and asked me, “why did she do that?” It kinda stunned me for a second, but then I was so proud of her or well not just her so much but rather the times we live in. She just does not see a difference the color a person’s skin makes in being friends or friendly with someone. It made me think that most kids today in America are thankfully blissfully ignorant to that form of racism and that is so awesome. I know she see’s it in other ways, but in fundamental ways that has plagued generations by ignorance and bigotry it is changing; no, it has changed and changed for the better.

Remember the Titans

Oh the ending of the movie has a moment between Julius and the girlfriend again. 🙂


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  1. Grandma Pam says:

    Great story Cari. Good for Lauren, see she is learning things that are important, and understanding how far we have come in life. Did she see the movie “The Help”? And to think this wasn’t all that long ago. Living in South Dakota during these times, we hardly ever saw a African American. But we also didn’t learn about the different cultures either. I didn’t know about everything that was happening with the blacks (that was what we called them back then). It was a real shocker working with more blacks than white people. But what I found out was, they are just like me. I am glad your kids have all races in their life. We are all striving for the same thing. That is to be with Heavenly Father and family in the next life. we are all the same …. we have good whilte people, we have bad white people. Just like any other race. Good for you to share this with Lauren.

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