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So the Troops are a Waste of Money…


This paragraph from Owen Graham article really stuck out at me,

“Despite popular perceptions, defense spending has already been “on the table.” Defense counts for less

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than 20 percent of the federal budget but already totals more than 50 percent of Washington’s deficit-reduction efforts, while domestic spending has exploded. Gutting defense will not solve America’s budget problems.” (Owen Graham, 2012)

I really wonder why the military community is so comfortable letting this slide by and happen? Why are we not standing up for true “fairness”, that president Obama is so quick to cry out for? Even if I did agree with his policies for this country, as the wife of a soldier and a mother to his children I could not and cannot stand by for this blatant disregard for my husbands career, safety and home life. The role of the American federal government is to protect the citizens of the United States of America; meaning the Defense Budget should be well over 20% and not being cut at all. Now I am not suggesting spending within the military is managed well, because there should be a lot less waste within it. But I can honestly say the troops and their ability to survive a battle is not a waste of money.

Please read Owen

Graham’s article:

Associated Press Misses Major Defense Cuts Over Past Three Years



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