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I am drawing a blank…..


Me frustrated…blah

Maybe I am not drawing so much of a blank, but rather drawing the conclusion I am frustrated with the world right now and I feel there is nothing I can do about it. All my rantings, ravings, thoughts and concerns about the world today are just my ever so small opinions. Who am I to presume they need to be shared or ranted about? Taking a step back though I have been sleeping better ( a lot less anxiety involved when burying your head into your Kindle) and getting a lot more organizing done; ok and I will admit I have been enjoying my mindless hours on Pinterest. 😉 So why should I be upset about keeping to myself?

Me blissfully unaware..:)

Me blissfully unaware..:)

I started blogging to help my family avoid my rants, but now I am so frustrated by what is happening in the world and my inability to help fix it that I have quit ranting all together; even at my family. I have refused to let myself dwell on the Middle East, Europe, South America, Washington DC, women’s rights, national security, local gangs or any other issue that tends to get me fired up. The presidential election is coming up and I have let so much slide that I even missed an election in my state that was really important.

Me feeling less frustrated…:)

I must say though, today I felt a little spark listening to the news as well as from an article I saw on Facebook this morning (which led me to visit my blog today). So maybe; well I hope I will take time to blog about the presidential election and some women’s issues. I am kind of excited…:)  I do not really want to be a person who does not take an interest and or a responsibility within our world.


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  1. jeansasson says:

    Enjoying your blog! Glad to see someone like yourself who cares so much.

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