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So, you haven’t worked in how long?…


I am shocked at how long it has been since I have worked outside of the home; about 7 years.

[Women working in the Pinion Department at Bul...

[Women working in the Pinion Department at Bulova Watch] (Photo credit: SMU Central University Libraries)

When the kids went back to school in August I realized how tired I am of cleaning the house day after day and how frustrated I am getting with news in the world today. My biggest issue this year is that I am not able to go back to school…long story short those last few credits are frustratingly financially out of reach right now. So until I save up some money, I am bored!

I mentioned to Shane my frustrations and the fact that I really did not want to have to work weekends or when he and the kids were home. We are also a one car family right now so that does not help with a job hunt either. But God works in mysterious ways!! Shane mentioned to a friend at work my frustrations, whose wife had just told him of her frustrations of needing to hire someone within the next few weeks or so. Low and behold this job is only three days a week, 9am to 2pm and right on post. So I am happy to say, starting pretty soon I will have something to do other than mop my floors and such everyday.

I am nervous though; I am happy at home. I love to watch the news, research the news and keep my house in order. I am not a real people person, if that makes any sense. But I think that for the past few years I have been a total homebody it is time for me to break out of my comfort zone and get out and mingle with new people. So for that aspect I am excited! As a mom of four kids and some four-legged animals it will be great to get out and talk to adults who can respond back to me. 🙂 I am not sure if all stay at home moms feel this way, but I kind of feel like I have forgotten any other role for me other than wife and mother. I love being both and do not want them to end, but it seems like my entire role or purpose has been those two roles; even as I attended college. In a way taking this job or even just seeking it out I feel like I have let myself down in sense though too, because it is not the job I have been working for all these years. I love what I have been going to school for! I love learning about narco-terrorists, domestic terrorism, foreign terrorism, criminology, foreign policy, government, different countries etc….I love it all. I want to deal within that realm so badly. But I think I have to just step back and realize this job is going to be a stepping stone to help get me back into society; get my head out of the books and into what is happening with other people in my sphere now.

I don’t know…lol I am nervous, excited, really like the person I am going to be working for and excited to venture out into the world. But I am also not going to put my dreams aside; God knows I am not getting any younger! I also believe my kids and Shane will probably appreciate my attempt at re-socialization come Christmas time.



  1. Pam says:

    Cari I am so proud of you.. I know it must be difficult for you to let go of the Cari in the in past. You have complished much. You are a smart women with a lot to offer others. But I think this is going to be great for you, I don’t know what kind of job you are referring to, but you will do well what ever it is. Now the hard part,,,, you make those kids of yours to help out in the house. They are all old enough to have chores. It may not look as good as you would have done it, but they have to learn sometime to take care of them self. I am great at organizing house hold chores, so I would love to help you out if you want me too. You will be just fine, and you will enjoy the extra money. There are not many famiiles that can live on one check coming in any more. If you need me to do any thing, please just let me know.. I would love to know what type of work you are doing… Love you, and busting with pride…

    • careknet says:

      Thanks so much Pam!! That really means a lot to me!! I would greatly appreciate any help you would like to share…my kids are so well behaved in so many other areas,,,but for some reason getting them to pick up after themselves is a pain the bum! lol I do need to lower my standards a little bit, so I can appreciate what they do, when they do do it. For a while there they were doing good with the bathroom, but now they are slacking again..time to get out the whip. lol Pam, you really made my day with this post. I mean that. Thank you…love you to. 🙂

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