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EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Remember our Fallen Heroes.

Remember our Fallen Heroes. (Photo credit: Kevin Rank)

EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say. Please follow this link. This reporter is very well-respected on both sides of the aisle. This link leads to new information just released today about the Benghazi attack! Please!!

We have all seen movies that tick us off where the military, CIA or FBI etc…are out in a foreign country doing their job for America. The administration sends them some where to do a dangerous job and then in the end the government leaves them hanging out to dry either setting them up to take the blame or leaving them for dead; for the governments own political gain or mistakes. It is disgusting to see this type of story unfolding within certain news channels right now, but this is not a movie. I for one am beyond upset by the administrations handling of the attack and murders in Benghazi. I am upset for so many different reasons that I am tempted to not even blog about this because of how angry I am. I think the fact the Ambassador (Chris Stevens) repeatedly asked for security (to even just keep the security they had, which was then cut anyway one month before the attack) months onto the day of the attack where Ambassador Stevens sent a memo out hours before he was murdered. That is one aspect of my anger. To find out that during the attack that lasted over 6hrs help was asked for(that they are trained to call in for, that these guys knew would be there) by the people on the ground…by those who were rescuing people and fighting for their own lives, was denied is disgusting!Someone told the team meant to help in situations like this, NO…stand down! Every American should be demanding for answers about this, demanding those responsible for not sending help before hand (9-11 for Gods sake) or making sure help was available and ready are held accountable! If the reason is political or a cover up or just plain irresponsibility America and those left behind by such selfless men are entitled to know why and how this murder was allowed to happen. Not only that our president has a responsibility to protect all service members who are risking their lives overseas and when he fails he needs to explain that failure to the people! His campaign people have no business trying to politicize this issue or explain it! This is NOT a campaign issue! This is a foreign policy issue and a human issue! A real issue, with real people dead and families left to deal with grief! I cannot imagine what these families are feeling and to think that our government has not even told them the truth is so upsetting. I don’t care about democrat or republican, this is an American issue and any president should be expected to be upfront and out there on this issue! The murder of these men was not just “bumps in the road” and their loss of their lives were not just a less than an optimal outcome as the president referred to them.

Then we have to include the foolish incorporation of this “video” that was supposed to have set this murderous rampage off. For weeks after our president and his administration have spouted this lie; at the UN he spouted this lie, when the hero’s came home he and others spouted this lie! Secretary Clinton and President Obama made a video for people of Pakistan over $70,000 of US tax payer money denouncing this video; this video that had nothing to do with this! Except to be used by our government as some sort of coverup for a terrorist attack. That is awful, because by doing so they let American’s down and they encouraged and emboldened more terrorist activity .Why? I want to know why. I know why it does not work and that it is a lie. But why? Why can’t this administration admit radical Islamic terrorists are at war with us? This is not a political issue this is a national security issue, that affects lives from Ambassadors, CIA, FBI, our troops, and contracted civilians to name the most obvious.

Then we have the media; how odd that CNN, MSNBC and the like have barely mentioned the attacks and the information coming forward since 9-11-12.  I do not get how any journalist cannot see that 4 lives were lost that should not have been and that their president has not been truthful and was out right saying non truths about Benghazi! I can only see them trying to help President Obama bolster his political polls. At the expense of their journalistic integrity and responsibility. I watch them all and totally trust none. Research beyond MSNBC and their blogs folks….you are denying so much by doing that.

I hope people now demand answers to the Benghazi attack 9-11-12…please watch this report I have shared and the articles because as Americans we all need to stand up and speak for those who no longer can. I would hope that you put yourselves in these families and friends shoes of these victims…would you not want answers? Would you not demand that they had been protected; listened to? These men were not just anyone, these were men who risked their lives for their fellow Americans and were left to do it alone.

RIP heroes, my heart and prayers are with your families and friends; and you all will never be forgotten…

Tyrone Woods-

Glen Doherty

Sean Smith

Ambassador Chris Steven

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith

Personal photos #memorial Amb Chris Stevens #B...

Personal photos #memorial Amb Chris Stevens #Benghazi #libya (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Here are some great sites to donate to the families…These men left wives, children (one left behind a brand new son), mothers and fathers etc…

Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation

Ty Woods Memorial Fund



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  2. […] EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say ( […]

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