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Just a Few Random Thoughts and Facts….

united states currency seal - IMG_7366_web

united states currency seal – IMG_7366_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

Did you know that America spends 3.3 billion dollars a day including weekends? We are borrowing a trillion dollars a year; with more money borrowed under President Obama than all the past presidents tallied up together. On what? Entitlements are the major benefactors to all of this borrowed money. I wonder if Americans realize this is not monopoly money…but real money that will affect; stocks, bonds, the dollar itself etc…. I am still in shock that half of America voted this president back into office with facts like these. I guess by the president promising people money (even money he does not have) or entitlements with such borrowed money people were ok overlooking the truth of the matter. The administration sure likes playing the American public as fools. I am not blaming all Americans for falling for this; ignorance is bliss (Often I wish I were ignorant on much of this stuff; I would be a lot less stressed out), plus the government and the media are good at playing people. It is truly hard to keep up with all the stuff that gets put out there and I realize that; I think that is why I try so hard to get info out there.

Did you know that in Jr. High student council elections kids are not allowed to “bribe” kids to vote for them by bringing cookies or candy to school to hand out?  One would think adults would follow the same rules.

It is going to be interesting and sad to watch this next year unfold. I for one do not see this president working with either party to cut spending. Why should he when the American people are happy to let him avoid solving any problems; letting him slide for not leading congress to do the right things for America? He can let things crash, blame it on the republicans and then after millions have been hurt by his political play fake a fix by doing what he should have done through congress to begin with. Why, Just to punish republicans, because he can? What better way to push his agenda and diminish the play of the republican party for future years to come. I may not agree with many democrat policies,I also do not agree with all republicans, hence that is why I do know we need a balanced congress; with both republican and democrat ideologies. That is what makes America great! To think one party is solely right is sadly wrong and not what our forefathers intended nor what this country has prospered under.


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