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I Say This, Because Accountability is Needed…

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United S...

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill (Photo credit: Rosie O’Beirne)

I have to say this because I am tired of the lack of accountability president Obama has in this budget deal issue. I am so sick of hearing him saying the Republicans are holding the middle class hostage…good grief Mr. President with all due respect people elected you for a leadership position; do your job! Stop campaigning and wasting time; you sir hold the key to stop this madness and you had an open door two years ago to do some great things. Stop these mind numbing class warfare games and get to work!

This president is being spiteful and beyond political. President Obama says they must have $800 billion in revenues from the rich within this deal to prevent us from going over the fiscal cliff. Rep.Boehner says ok and works out ways to cut tax loopholes (which many democrats have stated they would like as well) for the rich that equal $800 billion without raising anyone’s taxes (which the president said would cause more job loss and issues before this past election period started) but is still getting the money from revenues. To be spiteful and dig into the republicans..the president say’s no deal.  The president includes a demand for a blank check (meaning he put in his deal a request to take out the congresses ability to vote on the debt ceiling and how much money the president can spend…please check what congresses job is as well as the president’s; checks and balances people) as well as an extra trillion or so in spending.

Four dollars in revenue (tax hikes) for every $1 in cuts is what the president wants! But he will not even discuss what he is willing to cut…and yet he is heading to Hawaii on vacation while he plays games with his constituents lives; he will be doing anything but leading this country.

Ok America, both parties have issues, but now our president is not working on what is best for this country, but rather what is good for his ideology and party. Send a message to the president to do what is right for the American economy and the American job market. This is not a political social issue, but a life issue! If the president would step up and do what is right rather than gloating and punishing, we then could work on stressing to both sides of the aisle to stop this insane spending.



  1. Jean Sasson says:

    I was most appalled that President Obama is insisting upon lack of accountability regarding the debt. No president in the history of America has been able to borrow money without approval from Congress. And, the way he has borrowed the first four years is terrifying — more $$$ than all the other presidents combined. HONESTLY, I wouldn’t care if the president was a Republican OR a Democrat, I would not want ANY president to avoid the checks & balances set up by the men who organized the current system of checks & balances. Whether Clinton or Reagan or Bush or Obama: NO to this request…

    • careknet says:

      Jean, you were able to say so eloquently in one paragraph what I tried to stutter out in three or four mismatched paragraphs. 🙂 Exactly, this is not a party issue at all anymore it is simply the importance of how our Constitution is supposed to work for all Americans. Thank you!!

      • Jean Sasson says:

        I only wish that every American, whether Democrat or Republician or Independent, etc., would jump up and down and join TOGETHER rather than fighting each other, so that our politicians on all sides will stop behaving like children, tit for tat, ALL of them, and work hard to preserve this great nation. I fear what is ahead of us due to the very bad leadership I am seeing, and not just from one side. But this one issue shows a great arrogance and lack of concern for America’s well-being. Each side wants to blame the other, but I have seen little to admire from any direction. Sorry, I’m ranting! (SMILE) Thanks for bringing up this very important topic.

      • careknet says:

        So sorry for the late reply. I agree the lack of leadership is going to haunt this country for years to come; it is sad and frightening. I just do not get how all Americans can just sit and let this happen simply because they do not want to go against their own party. Like you I feel this issue is not Democrat vs. should be the American people demanding what is right for this country. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this!
        Oh and please do not feel sorry for ranting here. 🙂 This is the perfect place for it…I do it often. 🙂

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