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There are just some speeches that get your attention right off the bat and keep it for the duration of that speech. When I saw the first post on Facebook about Dr. Carson’s speech during the National Prayer Breakfast I really did not dive right into clicking on and watching it. Yes even I, Cari realize some conservative venues can at times, dwell on silly comments that may or may not actually slam Obama and slamming the president is not my goal in life; so I put if off for a while. But after clicking on one of the links this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find a man not speaking to any political party, but rather a clear voice of sanity addressing his fellow Americans. The president of the United States just happened to be sitting at the head table with him and sadly did not look impressed.
Dr. Ben Carters honesty and words were inspirational; his points rose above political parties. His words spoke of the American spirit, American beliefs and the American dream. To tie it all together he spoke eloquently of the endless possibilities of being an American who actually believes in America.
I am so glad I took the time to watch this video! I will have my children watch it as well. For not only does he politely talk about America’s problems, he also offers up solution…simple and easily understood solutions. I hope and pray the president did not get defensive and actually listens to Dr. Carson.

Ok..disclaimer I first typed this blog post last night about 15min before I fell asleep. I woke up this morning and found I had made some dorky misspellings and word choices. I know my blog posts are not grammar savvy, but these mistakes were pretty obvious. I thought I had fixed them two separate times today, but I just got a chance to check again and for some reasons the changes did not work. So I would like to apologize to those of you who had to witness my worse than usual grammar challenges. 🙂


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