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Seriously; Robot Squirrels….

Herman Cain

Herman Cain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please check out this link from Mr. Herman Cain: White House tours off, but robot squirrels live on  This sequestration really sheds light on the ridiculousness on where tax dollars are spent and makes you wonder why the president has such a hard time coming up with things to cut from the budget (over the last 5 yrs). Maybe if he had done as he said he would when he was elected the first time and gone line by line within the spending budget, he could have gotten rid of this junk…rather than take blind hatchet swings and cut important & needed programs just to make a political point…we would be better off as a country. Pretty pathetic.

I know White House tours are not of the utmost importance, but the pointlessness of these cuts is just heightened by these comparisons Mr. Cain mentions in his article. These comparisons lead to the asinine burdens of the cuts on the military; the cutting of training hours for the military, cutting of TA (Tuition Assistance) from the military, furloughed teachers within DODEA schools etc…, to name a few. Maybe I should share some stories on these cuts next.


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