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My Kids Are My Responsibilty As Well As My Pride & Joy….


After hearing about Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC’s and those who follow that channels beliefs on to whom my children, your children etc…belong to; I just had to add my two cents.

Robot (man) and Child safety sign

Robot (man) and Child safety sign (Photo credit: xoxoryan)

There are way to many people within my community as well as within the world community I would not allow to watch/take care of my pets that I love, let alone my children whom I adore. I will concede we all need to watch out for each other, but the idea that my children belong to any “collective society” is absurd and kinda creepy. I was really disturbed to see Ms. Harris-Perry calmly trying to justify that our children are not our own (are worse off if we keep them as our own) and push for more money to be given to the government to collectively educate our children; exactly what our children do not need.

Sorry MSNBC you are so far off base on this..I am sure Karl Marx would have loved to have had you on his propaganda team. When we get to our Utopia I will be happy to let others help me with my kids…to many humans here on earth for me to even consider it now.

Check out this article, You Don’t Own My Kid…very interesting.

You Don’t Own My Kid


Collective Society


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