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Hello, to those who have stumbled upon my thoughts, rants, passions and life.  My name is Cari and I have attempted a few different blogs, so hopefully this one will work for me. I enjoy blogging and my family as well as my friends appreciate giving their ears a break on how I feel about the world today.
I am a mom to 4 kiddo’s and a little angel. My kids whom I will refer to as Katelyn 21 years old (since she is an adult), “Artist” who is 17 years old, “Drama queen” who is 12 years old, “Smarty Pants” who is 8 years old and Jay who is my angel. My kids are works in progress, and so far so good. I look forward to sharing my trials and joys about my children.

I am married to my best friend Shane who is in the Army and is my hero. We have been married 18 years, making it through some very hard times, but I am so lucky to have him to go through the hard times as well as the good.

I love animals, I have way to many and I need a farm. Some day. 😀

I am also a student, and I should have my degree this next year. I am so excited!!! I love what I am learning and I cannot wait to do some good with all this knowledge I have attained.  I am passionate about the state of affairs within our world, politically and America‘s national security; from all angles.

So things that you may read about here:

1. My family

2. My animals

3. Politics

4. World news

5. National security

6. Education; tools, books, web sites etc…

I love to research, read, research, read and so on.

So if you stuck around through this “About” page, I hope you check out others as I get them done.


My first blog



  1. sue says:

    hope you do not mind me butting in, I enjoy hearing everything about you

  2. Emma Banks says:

    Hi Cari! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    – Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

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